Who We Are

Mission and Values

Our Mission is to create solutions related to the human factor in the organization by investing our positive thinking, energy, creativity, persistence and flexibility. We strive for building working relationships between our consultants and the managers, as well as between the present and potential employees of the client companies. In the meanwhile we also work for the efficiency of the relations in the clients organizations. We work in a way that encourages development and growth – our own and those of our clients and partners. Toro Group is not a brand, capital or know-how but a team of people, who follow their talents and dreams, who example commitment, loyalty, ambition and team spirit, and who believe that the business in Bulgaria could and must have a human face.


Toro Group works in partnership with the international organization Friisberg & Partners International founded in 1977, and currently represented by 40 offices in 24 countries.

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Saville Consulting is a leading company in the development and practical application of psychometric tools for business purposes. The organization is:
    • Specialized in the development of powerful tools for evaluation in an organizational context;
    • Group headquarters is located in Jersey and UK – Surrey;
    • Global presence – 80 countries;
    • 30 psychometric instruments in more than 25 languages;
    • WAVE Professional Styles is the leading psychometric instrument of Saville Consulting.

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Our History

Toro Group Human Resources Consulting Company was founded, with a focus on Employees Recruitment & Selection and Development;
Toro Group expanded its portfolio with Staff Leasing service;
Toro Group conducted their first Assessment and Development Center projects;
Toro Groups became part of the international consulting company People Solutions International with headquarters in Brussels and offices in 15 countries;
Thanks to the gained know-how from PSI, Toro Group launched Executive Search services;
Toro Group became exclusive Saville Consulting Alliance Partner and it was involved in the translation and standardization of WAVE Professional Styles, as well as other psychometric instruments from Saville Consulting’s portfolio;
People Solutions International (PSI) was acquired by Friisberg & Partners International – an international Executive Search company with 40 years of history, represented with 35 offices in 25 countries;
Friisberg & Partners Bulgaria was established – a company closely related to Toro Group;
Toro Group expanded its portfolio with Organizational Diagnostics and Organizational Development services;
Toro Group expanded its portfolio with Executive Coaching service;
Toro Group expanded its product portfolio with the HR Outsourcing service;
Toro Group celebrates 20 years of delivering Business Solutions with Human Face!

Our Team