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Executive Search

In a business environment that becomes ever more demanding, companies can hardly afford compromises when hiring or keeping people on roles that are key/critical for the organization. The executive search is a highly efficient method for systematic identification and proactive attraction of experienced and talented senior managers who are not necessarily looking for a new career opportunity.


Our Added Value
: Particular attention and individual approach in contacting, building trust and developing relationships with potential candidates. Transparency of the search process, thanks to weekly status reports and providing Market Screening Report, which represents a snapshot of the market for the particular profile sought.

The Headhunting & Executive Search services are presented by Friisberg & Partners Bulgaria.



Search & Selection

Toro Group is specialized in recruitment and selection for middle management and key expert roles.Depending on the specifics of the position in demand, we consult our clients on the most appropriate talent acquisition strategy – a combination of diverse candidate sources and approaches (a suitably selected advertising campaign, the rich database of Toro Group, networking, relations with professional associations, etc.). Regardless of the source, the candidates are subject to an in-depth evaluation procedure that usually involves a combination of an interview, a professional task assessing the competency of the candidate, a psychometric testing using the most valid personality analysis instrument available (WAVE Professional Styles) and a structured reference check applying the highest professional and confidentiality standards.

Our Added Value: The thorough and diverse candidate assessment minimizes the risk of inappropriate hirings for key roles in the organization. Furthermore, the placement guarantee that Toro Group provides, allows the client to mitigate that risk.

HR Quality Assurance

The complicated, ever-changing and challenging internal and external environment often pushes organizations to make difficult decisions related to hiring people for key positions. Companies often have more than one internal/external candidates for a position, but they lack full confidence that they are making the right choice. Our consultants engage in an intensive evaluation of candidates and support the client companies in making a well-informed and appropriate hiring decision. 

Our Added Value:
  Significant reduction of bad hiring decisions and support of the most effective induction, management and development of the appointed candidates.

Employer Branding Consulting

Are you tired of not being able to find the most appropriate talents or you have found them, invested money and time in their training, qualification and certification and they left the company! 

Do you struggle to keep your employees motivated and engaged?

We know it’s hard. The talent gap is a well-known issue around the world.

That is when employer branding can make a real difference for your company.

Employer branding is about clarifying the perception of what makes you a unique employer.

Our Added Value:

Why work with us? 

We work closely with our clients. We understand that every company is different and has different needs. In order to help you with these individual needs, we tailor our services to address your exact pain points.

What we can offer you is Full-Service Employer Branding: Evaluation, Strategy, Delivery & Optimiztation.

We can help you increase your:

· Candidate quality
· Retention rate
· Employee engagement
· Employee satisfaction
· Quality-of-hire

We can help you decrease your:

· Cost-per-hire
· Time-to-hire
· Cost-per-qualified-candidate