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Staff Leasing

The service Staff Leasing in Bulgaria is regulated by the Labor Code and is subject to a license for temporary staffing. Toro Group is a holder of license  № 213/31.07.2017 г.

The staff leasing is a service which enables the employer company (the client) to hire employees whose labor contract is signed with another company (Toro Group) and practically work for the assignor company. The recruitment and hiring of the employees, payroll processing, and state institutions relations, are within our scope of service. We offer different types of staff leasing according to our clients’ needs.

Short-term Assignments

If you need to increase your staff for the purpose of season activities, advertising and marketing campaigns, new fields expansion, etc., this service gives you the opportunity to increase the capacity of certain department of your company, without changing the headcount of your company, without administrative and operational burden with reference to hiring, termination of contracts and payroll.

Long-term Assignments

Project with indefinite term or with limitations in the headcount, the Staff leasing enables the companies to focus on their core business and outsource the recruitment and hiring processes, payroll, and the personnel expenses management, to an experienced and reliable HR company.

Our Added Value: Extensive experience and expertise in personnel recruitment, training and motivation. Dedicated Project Manager assigned for the project. In-depth knowledge of local labor and tax legislation.

Project Management

Integrated outsourcing solutions

Toro Group would manage the overall project related to starting your business in Bulgaria or outsourcing of a function. We offer an integrated solution for HR Administration, payroll, office lease, equipment and all you need for your operation, recruitment and hiring. Our consultant will provide an effective solution based on long-term experience and expertise in project management according the best practices in the Human Resources management.

Outsourced Sales and Medical Representatives teams

A service developed for the pharma companies in Bulgaria – an opportunity to hire fully equipped sales team recruited especially for your project according to the highest professional standards and trained by experienced professionals. Depending on your needs we offer either Exclusive or Shared teams.

Merchandising for retail and pharmacies

A flexible solution for hiring external team of merchandisers, enabling sales increase and decrease the costs for internal employees and equipment. Take advantage of a merchandising team, selected and trained by professionals with thorough experience.


Our Added Value: Our services meet closely your project specifics and requirements; flexibility and individual approach.

Payroll Outsouring

Toro Group as a service provider handles all functions related to a company payroll – calculation of wages and salary, withholding of taxes and social security, payment of the withheld funds to the proper government agencies, and direct deposit of net pay into the bank accounts of employees.

Using an outsourcing service makes it possible to manage the payroll process without the need to maintain a large payroll department and the obligation to follow closely the relevant changes in the labor legislation. The Payroll Outsourcing service eliminates the risk of harmful dissemination of sensitive information within the client companies.

Our Added Value:
Qualified consultants with in-depth knowledge of legal legislation and its application. Strict confidentiality and adherence to personal data protection regulation, high level of customer care, flexibility and reliability.

HR Outsourcing

The consultants of Toro Group have experience in providing (separately as well as simultaneously) the following services:


      • Supporting the client in formulating an appropriate HR strategy aligned with the business strategy of the organization;

      • Assuming the role of an external HR Business Partner consulting the management of the organization in regards to HR initiatives, processes and projects;

      • Evaluation and amendment of the current HR principles, policies and practices within the organization, development of effective and efficient solution related to the human capital of the organization;

      • Introduction and application of specialized tools supporting HR processes like recruitment and selection, onboarding, training and development, performance management and appraisal…

      • Consulting and supporting during restructuring, optimizations and managing change;

      • Supporting companies in making crucial decisions related to people within the organization;

      • Assistance in developing a gratifying organizational climate and increasing engagement among employees;

      • Conducting and coordinating recruitment and selection processes according to predefined standards;

      • Identification of training and development needs for employees; introduction and coordination of training and development programmes; implementation of training and development programmes;

      • Conducting employee satisfaction and engagement surveys;

      • Coordinating activities with third-party HR services vendors;

Our Added Value:
An opportunity to provide complete solutions, embracing all vital aspects of the HR function due to the diverse set of competencies across the TGS’ consulting team.

Why choose us?
  • Individal approach towards each project
  • Expertise and transparency regarding the projects’ budget management