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Organizational Diagnostics and Organizational Development

Organizational Diagnostics and Organizational Development is a holistic consulting solution, aimed at improving organizational effectiveness. In cooperation with stakeholders from the client’s side, the consultants of Toro Group conduct an in-depth analysis of the processes across the company in order to identify areas for improvement on an organizational level, as well as on group or individual level. Depending on the needs for improvement and the objectives of the organization, customized solutions are developed and applied. These interventions may address: the structure of the company and the positions within; the interactions and relationships between departments and the employees themselves; the systems that manage the human capital and the organizational culture; the strategic positioning of the company. The main goal of the Organizational Diagnostics and Organizational Development is not only to reinforce the implemented changes, but to develop and sustain an internal capacity of managing future change as well. 

Our Added Value: Our consultants take care for both the settling down of the implemented changes, as well as for the sustainable development of the internal capacity for change management in the future.


For organizations facing downsizing or significant re-structuring our consultants can cooperate in the following directions:

      • Assist the decision making process in terms of identification of the employees to be laid-off: developing assessment procedures (re-selection).

      • Consulting, training and promoting the laid-off employees in order to support their career transition process.

Our Added Value: Positive approach, consideration and respect towards people’s dignity thus guaranteeing “outplacement with a human face“.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys & Retention Strategy

Employee satisfaction surveys help employers measure and understand their employees’ attitude, opinions, motivation, and satisfaction. Research shows that satisfied and motivated employees will create higher customer satisfaction which will positively influence organizational performance and financial results. The findings of the Employee Satisfaction Survey can be used to improve or establish Retention Strategy in line with the internal (organizational) and external (labour market) context.

Our Added Value: Experience in both complex and big-scale satisfaction survey projects as well as small boutique programs – capacity for creating special, “tailor made“ solutions that fit best to the needs of our clients’ companies.
Why choose us?
  • We support the sustainable development of own internal change-management capacity
  • Special, tailor-made solutions