Career Consulting and Coaching

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Career Coaching

The management of own career development is a service towards professionals aiming to take the control of their own professional development. The process includes planning and undertaking of activities that maintain or increase their attractiveness as professionals for the potential targeted employers. The individual coaching for management of own career development can include (not limited) the following:

  1. Discussion and definition/ redefinition of the long-term career goals and career development strategy;
  2. Identification of career crossroads and consultation in making key career decisions;
  3. Defining and structuring one’s current professional and personal competencies and matching them with his/hers own career goals. Analyses of the gaps and plan for developing the missing knowledge, skills or qualifications;
  4. Support of experienced professionals in a career transition situation to increase their efficiency throughout the search process for new career opportunities;

Our Added Value: Ethics and respect for every professional as a person and maintain full confidentiality during and after the process of career counseling.

Career Transition Consulting

The service is developed for professionals at managerial or expert positions, which are in active search of new career opportunities. It is suitable for professional with ling-term experience in one company, lacking experience in job search and application.

Career Transition Consulting consists of 4 steps:

  • Consultation regarding CV and motivatoion letter content;
  • Developmet of public image of the professional in the professional social networks;
  • Analyses of how one manages in the situation of interview;
  • Personal profile consisting of strong sides and development areas for the applicants, which could be used as a part for the job application documents.

Professional Ethics

The Toro Group S consulting company embraces the fundamental ethical principles regarding all professionals whom we meet in connection with the projects we work on.

  • We treat all (potential) candidates with respect and appreciation and ensure their confidentiality during the project as well as after its completion.
  • All candidates who were invited for an interview and participate in the subsequent selection procedures are informed about the results of the contest and are provided feedback about their application and performance.
  • Toro Group S consulting company does not receive any form of remuneration, fee or commission from the applicants, including shortlisted and appointed candidates, for enlisting them in the recruitment and selection procedure. TGS enters in financial and contractual dealings with the employing companies only.