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Assessment and Development Centre

Assessment and Development Centre is a highly efficient method for evaluating competencies and developing employees’ potential in accordance with their current and future responsibilities, as well as a tool for planning their career path. The Assessment and Development Centre is based on already in use or specially designed competency models and involves a number of activities like group discussions (with or without predefined roles for the participants), individual analytical tasks – working on problems, fact-finding exercises, in-basket tests, thorough structured situational interview, presenting tasks, personality testing (WAVE Professional Styles), aptitude and ability tests – verbal, numerical, diagrammatic, creative thinking, etc. 

Internal assessment center / recruitment panel – It is carried out internally for the organization, with its own resources. The tools by which candidates are evaluated are developed by and for the organization without the intervention of external consultants.

External assessment center / recruitment panel – It is carried out by an external consulting company. The consulting company specialists select and, in some cases, develop assessment tools exclusively for the client’s organization. At the discretion of the consultants / client, representatives of the organization may or may not attend the evaluation.

Hybrid assessment center / recruitment panel – It is carried out jointly between the organization and the chosen consulting company.
The insights gained during the Assessment and Development Centers are then structured into detailed profiles based on the relevant competencies. The process also includes subsequent meetings with the participants and their line managers where feedback is provided and development opportunities are discussed.

Our Added Value: Unique procedure for every project, tailor-made for the specific organization, participants, evaluation criteria and project objectives.

“Key employees” Programmes

The “Key employees” Programs aim to identify, nominate and develop employees with key talent and expertise, as well as with potential to make a difference with their contribution to the organization. Toro Group provides consultancy for choosing the concept and structuring the design of the program, carry out the assessment of the employees and support the elaboration of their development/retention plans.


Our Added Value: Tailor-made solutions meeting closely organization’s goals and specifics.

Tailor-made Talent Development Programmes

The development of an organization invariably includes the development and growth of the people working at it. Our consultants have specialized in an in-depth analysis of the specific development needs for respective groups of employees at the organization, and the creation of fully customized training activities that address, in a most appropriate way, the specifics of the group and the defined goals. We possess broad expertise and extensive experience in developing managers in terms of their leadership and managerial skills, in building and motivating teams, in developing people, in managing conflicts and crises, as well as managing sales processes and relationships, managing time and stress, etc. Our team of consultants is ready to develop a training programme from scratch for very specific and important topic for our clients. Toro Group’s consultants can also support your organization in developing the internal training capacity by assisting in the creation and establishment of content for a set of standard internal trainings, as well as with the selection, instruction and ongoing support for the team of internal trainers.


Our Added Value: An in-depth preliminary research of the training needs with all stakeholders (participants, line managers, HR specialists), as well as follow-up of the development programmes results.


Coaching is a process aimed at unleashing the potential of a professional or a team of professionals, facilitated by a certified coach, who poses questions, challenges, stimulates and guides the participants toward  their own development and accomplishment of goals that they have personally formulated and acknowledged as their own. At Toro Group you can find a certified coach with intensive experience in Executive Coaching – a highly effective method for focused and fast development of newly promoted or established managers, targeted at achieving objectives that are clearly defined from the beginning and related to setting up or amending attitudes, building up competencies or expanding aptitudes, reviewing and improving the behaviors that lead to higher effectiveness. The Executive Coaching process is simultaneously structured around the request and demands of the employing company and the personal needs and desires, defined by the person being coached.


Our Added Value: Supporting the client in the process of defining and refining the coaching objectives, developing of self-awareness and confidence among the people being coached, strengthening their motivation to achieve the predefined goals.
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  • More than 2000 assessed professionals
  • More than 150 designed and conducted Development Programs