20 years Toro Group


20 years of turnarounds and turbulence, of triumph and wandering, of transformation and exploration. And not a single instant of boredom, inertness, and loss of meaning. And not for a single moment abandoning the belief that a small group of dedicated people can change the world around themselves. One soul at a time. #вТоро20 #20yearsToroGroups



For the 20th anniversary of Toro GroupS we identified the key characteristics of our organization, which in our opinion have shaped us not only as a team, but also as one big family, and allowed is to become recognized as one of the leading HR consulting companies in the country. Each member of the team has shared one distinctive trait of Toro GroupS and we coalesced around these 7 key qualities. Read more on our blog… (in Bulgarian)









In a publication in the Bulgaria’s first and only high-end English monthly magazine – Vagabond, our General Manager – Irena Petrova, shared her views about the path and the development of Toro GroupS as an organization and as human beings, about the challenge to grow and change together with the needs of the clients, as well as the current challenges on the labor market and the demand for flexibility among employees, professionals, and the state. Read more in the interview…











Our manager, Irena Petrova, appeared on the pages of Noblesse Oblige, the specialized issue of the Bulgarian Industrial Association, in an interview about the business challenges amid the pandemic, the rapidly changing labor conditions and the implications for the future of work.  Read more… (in Bulgarian)